How to Start a CNA or CMT Training Agency

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Published: 08th November 2012
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Certified nursing training agencies and certified medication technician training agencies are the authorized houses for sponsorship of CNAs and CMTs training in their own centers. However, they are supposed to go by the rules as framed by DHSS of United States.

CNA Training Agency

Certified nursing training agencies are referred to those permitted organizations that are engaged in sponsorship of CNA training program. The organizations are required to take prior approval from DHSS or Department of Health and Senior Services to become an authorized CNA training center.

Eligible Organizations for Training Agency

The community colleges, vocational-technical institutes, licensed hospitals having long-term care units, approved nursing homes, wide-ranging high school provides health care services and private schools with certification from Higher Education authority are the certified organizations who can apply to DHSS to become certified CNA training agencies.

Eligibility Requirements

The size of classrooms should have a capacity to occupy at least fifteen students comfortably. Each students need to be provided with necessary manuals. The centers should be equipped with required devices, important for teaching. There must be approved clinical supervisors as well as instructors to teach the students. The center is required to pass the evaluation test which is applicable for each time of approval. Certification of approval is limited to two years only.

Some Other Rules

Before the expiry of approval certification, the agency house needs to submit fresh application before thirty days of expiration. Application should be send to the particular DHSS office address under which the center falls. This can be found from the list of address of DHSS.

Certified Medication Technician (CMT) Training Agency

Certified medication technician training agencies are those certified organizations that are engaged in sponsorship of CMT training program. They are supposed to take prior authorization from DHSS under Health Education Unit or HEU to be a certified CMT training center.

Eligible Organizations for Training Agency

The Community colleges, Vocational-technical institutes, multipurpose high school offering health care service, Four years approved private institutes are the approved organizations or schools who can apply to DHSS for a permit for teaching the CMT curriculum.

The agency house is also required to submit a signed agreement copy of a cooperating body, having nursing infrastructure where all types of nursing practices is possible. Such agreement which has been signed in between the sponsoring training agency and the cooperating body must contain the laws of policies, regulations, rules, responsibilities and accountability of both parties.

The Outlined Responsibilities

The said training agency should be accountable to administrate and govern the TABE examination. They should be in a position to submit required certification to the students. They need to produce a written agreement to DHSS and required to provide the final recorded copy to each student.

The agency is supposed to make a verification report of the students, attending in the course to pass through a Criminal offensive check, Employee disqualified check, Federal Indicator check, CNA status proof along with Family Care Safety Registry verified report.

The agreement need to express accountability to confirm the applicants to hold a diploma from any high school; experience certificate of having at least six months working knowledge as a CNA; arranging all students to supervise the clinic and finally tracking of unexcused students not to attend the institute further.

The Cooperating body provides permission to all students, instructors as well examiners to have accessing capability in medicine room and its recording section to supervise the residents.

The Training Agency Requirements

All classrooms must be specious, airy with proper sitting arrangement, Manual need to be provided to the students and only certified instructors should teach the students.

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