Essential Characteristics of a CNA

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Published: 29th October 2012
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Retention of a Job is much harder than to get it. Simply because, some of your qualities and appearance are judged at the time of appointment while retention of that job depends upon many long-term issues concerning your conduct, obedience and so many factors which are counted day to day.

Especially, the career of the certified nursing assistants demands a lot out of the candidate and makes it one of the best challenging jobs in the market. After getting such a high profile and lucrative employment, you must feel like getting the planet into the grip. However, the day you enter the workplace, remember, once again the list of CNA essential characteristics which were taught during class session.

Discipline and obedience
From the day one, you are supposed to abide by the rules and regulations of your workplace. Discipline is the very first quality and an indispensable attribute for a certified nursing assistant. Be disciplined in your dealings and respectful to the people of the workplace, your loving patients as well your seniors. Do not forget, respect acts reciprocal.

Compassionate and concerned
Being in CNA job, compassion and adoring nature is your success key. Only certified nursing assistants are referred to as ‘caregivers’ to in the healthcare industry. Therefore, understand the depth of that word and justify you in the best possible way. ‘Return’ will wait for you.

Specialized and professional
You are supposed to perform under different settings as well as patients and their families. Especially, the patients, whom you have to work with, necessarily are of different characters, natures and frame of mind. The consistency of mind may change depending on the nature of their sufferings. Some of them will be irritating, non-cooperative and of conflicting nature. Prepare yourself mentally and take it as a challenge to overcome them as a specialized and professional.

Hard working capability
CNA job claims a hard working capability while you are supposed to spend the maximum hours to be on the foot during your duty hours. You have to support the patients in bathing, walking and throughout the day you have to roam from one patient to another. Hence, you should have that much hard working power to complete the duties effectively.

Meticulous in Recording
You need to be a good observant and perfect in recording the necessary data of the patients correctly. Providing the right dosage of medicine in correct time is imperative. Apart from this you should notice the behavior of the patients and if any sudden change happens that should be reported to the senior nurses immediately.

Effective communication skills
A CNA is expected to communicate with different kinds of people including patients, doctors, senior and junior nurses and the patients’ family people. Naturally she should be capable to communicate effectively.

Presence of mind
In absence of doctors or senior nurses is any patient comes in emergency, she must be capable to handle the situation. However, if necessary she can take the necessary advices from the doctor over telephone. Therefore, instant decision making is important for Certified nursing assistants.

Adaptability and stability of mind
Certified nursing assistants should have required flexibility to perform in different circumstances. They should have the capability to control emotion in various incidents like changes or deaths of patients especially under her control.

Open minded and cheering
Certified nursing assistants are required to be broad and open minded with a pleasing personality. Cheerfulness is very important for her to make the patients smiling even in their sufferings.

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